As parent, significant other, child, friend we can make it a goal to create at least 365 glorious moments in each role this year, and check on the progress every day.

We are what we TAKE IN



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Optina Elders Prayer

No one would call me a Christian judging by attributes and paraphernalia, but the God by definition is only one for the whole world (does not matter by what name we address Him). So, this prayer of Optina elders materially belongs to Orthodox Christians, but spiritually it belongs in my heart. Here it is


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Every one is talented by nature. This original talent is the ability to bring others joy, happiness and love. V.O. Ruzov.jpg

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Getting rid of illusion….


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How to be Noble and Rich!


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It is a spiritual science!


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Do you know where to find the spiritual sound?


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Many people work so hard to improve their quality of life but they often forget the most subtle element of life…


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